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Habermann Trafo • Zweigniederlassung der Pikatron GmbH • Siemensstraße 10 • D-79787 Lauchringen



Habermann Trafo has been developing and manufacturing large customer-specific transformers, chokes, power supplies, filters and other winding products since 1964. High quality and responding to individual customer needs play a very important role here: whether for necessary approvals, for wishes in the design or for special logistics requirements. Just contact us!

The great experience of our 32 - mostly long-standing - employees guarantees comprehensive advice and competent problem solving and the rapid production of individual series, as well as special custom-made products from one piece.


Our employees in Lauchringen


    Customer-specific inductive components and systems in predominantly manual production:

    • Switching power supply converters
    • HV transformers
    • (Audio) Transformer
    • Coils and chokes
    • Antennas and RFID
    • Magnetic sensors
    • Solutions

    Customer-specific converters and drive solutions in predominantly manual production:

    • Universal converter
    • Thyristor controller
    • Torque Motors
    • (A-) Synchronous motors
    • Brake chopper
    • Regenerative units
    • Plant controls

    Customer-specific EMC components and filter solutions in predominantly manual production:

    • Line
    • DIN rail network filter
    • Signal Filters
    • Filter Capacitors
    • Feedthrough Filters
    • Cabin filter
    • Filter cabinets

    Customer-specific inductive components in predominantly semi-automated production:

    • Single-phase transformers
    • Three-phase transformers
    • Toroidal transformers
    • Economy transformers
    • Power Chokes
    • Transformers with rectification
    • Transformers and converters


    We have four locations in Germany (Usingen, Rasdorf, Wuppertal and Creuzburg) and a foreign production facility in the Czech Republic.

    Headquarters Usingen

    Location Rasdorf

    Location Creuzburg

    Location Pisek, Czech Republic

    Location Wuppertal